Wounded to Save

In honor of Veteran’s Day, I have written a poem for those soldiers who were wounded in battle. Each year, as I meet more soldiers and veterans, it has become increasingly more difficult to say “Happy” Veteran’s Day.

Happy to me is not a fitting word for this day. It is not a joyous celebration with squeals of laughter and cheer. Instead, it’s more like a “Thank you” day. It is a commemorative day to honor the service and sacrifice done on our behalf; a day to stop, acknowledge, and appreciate.

Whenever I see a license plate with “Vietnam veteran” or “Iraq veteran”, I am flooded with gratitude. These men and women did so much for our freedom. It makes me want to jump out of my car at the next stoplight, go up to their window, and say “Thank you.”

Today, I want to thank all of the veterans who have served and sacrificed for our freedom. Thank you to the soldiers who fought and protected our country on land, air, and sea. These brave soldiers doing their duty are the reason I am allowed to speak as a woman, attend a weekly church service, and lay my head down in peace every night.

I am eternally grateful. Thank you. Happy Veteran’s Day.

I have titled this poem, “Wounded to Save”.  The only explanation I would like to give is for the use of the name “Battle”. This name is used by soldiers in all branches of the military to refer to a battle buddy. Soldiers will sometimes call each other “Battle” instead of by their last name.

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